Wednesday, February 14, 2007

CAA standings

With less than two weeks remaining in the regular season, the current Colonial Athletic Association basketball standings are as follows:

VCU (22-5, 14-2 in CAA)
ODU (20-7, 13-3 in CAA)
Hofstra (19-8, 12-4 in CAA)
Drexel (19-7, 11-5 in CAA)
W&M (15-11, 8-8 in CAA)
Mason (14-12, 8-8 in CAA)
Towson (14-13, 8-8 in CAA)
Northeastern (9-18, 7-9 in CAA)
Ga. State (9-17, 5-11 in CAA)
JMU (7-19, 4-12 in CAA)
UNCW (6-19, 3-13 in CAA)
Delaware (5-22, 3-13 in CAA)

At this point it looks to me that Wm. & Mary, George Mason and Towson are dangerous, but can't win the CAA postseason tournament to take place at the Richmond Coliseum, Mar. 2-5. But any of the top four teams in the standings could win it all. That should make for an entertaining event and sell some tickets.

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