Monday, December 18, 2006

Innocence, another form of evil

One of my all-time favorites, columnist/expert on international politics Georgie Anne Geyer, examines “The Evil Within the Innocence.” What follows is how she gets underway:

“There was a brief period of wishful thinking after the Baker/Hamilton Commission report was issued last week that W’s ‘Axis of Evil’ might have died along with any real hope of winning in Iraq -- but no.

“Only days afterward, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice not only confirmed that we would NOT speak to either Iran, an axis member, or Syria, a serious runner-up, but also said she sees the Middle East as being ‘rearranged’ in ways that provide the United States with a ‘new strategic context’ and a ‘clarifying moment.’

“One could agree with the clarifying moment part, but only in the realm of sarcasm...”

Click here to read Geyer’s entire piece; it is the view of a trained eye.

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