Friday, December 22, 2006

Goode story flushing out sicko wing of the GOP

The story of the outing of Virgil Goode as a narrow-thinking man, with a sadly out-of-date prejudice against a religious faith outside his grasp of what is valid, has gained quite a bit of traction. Coast-to-coast political junkies are wondering what is going on in Virginia.

As well they should. And, this story has enlivened the Virginia blogosphere like nothing since the now legendary Macaca Gaffe that began the spectacular unraveling of Sen. George Allen’s political career.

As it happened then, both reasonable conservative bloggers and rightwing kook bloggers have rushed to the defense of a Republican under attack. With that in mind my suggestion to SLANTblog readers is that you take a few minutes to peruse the Virginia blogosphere to sample what is being posted in defense of Goode’s position, since blogs are once again driving this story you may see tomorrow’s headlines today.

You also may be a bit surprised. Beyond the reasonable, some of what has emerged is vulgar and shocking. No doubt, Republicans who are sophisticated enough to know what I’m driving at here are wishing they could stuff this toothpaste back into its tube. But in this age of instant karma, it’s way too late for that.

Some of the thoughts about religious tolerance, or lack thereof, that have been evidenced in the last couple of days by supporters of Goode’s attack on Muslims are scary like a white hood with eyeholes in it is scary. By the way, the worst of it is coming from the same book-burning ilk that was attacking Senator-elect Jim Webb as a writer of pornography two months ago. Now, they seem ready to re-fight The Crusades.

Click on the link to go to Waldo Jaquith’s handy aggregator of Virginia political blogs of all stripes -- Virginia Political Blogs. If you just want to go directly to a quick sampling of the sort of claptrap I’m talking about, then click here, here, here. For the absolute worst of the lot (sicko warning!), click here.


Grievous' Dog said...

And here we have it...when the truth is printed and is to hard for some to take, we get...


God help America.

Dog Catcher said...

Silly Dog,

We aren't censoring you: we want as many Virginians to see extremist sicko Republicans for what they are. Please continue to shoot your party in the foot and we, the Democratic bloggers of Virginia, will continue to hold up a mirror to your actions.

Triscula said...

Grievous Dog, who is being censored? This is exposure, not censorship. I'm glad Goode wrote that letter. It's good to expose such ridiculous and paranoid ideology to the bright light of debate and discussion. Maybe Goode's foolishness will ultimately be good for Virginia in that it put our prejudices in a spotlight and forced us (and the rest of the nation) to look at them.

Mosquito said...

Grievous Dogs and the other extremists are trying that age old Rovian trick...If they say it often enough it will become accepted as matter how outrageously wrong they are in their spin and distortion.

Unfortunately, they are just showing the world that Virginia is for Bigots!

If they have their way the world will return to the Middle Ages and another Crusades will begin.

Extremists Christians such as Pat Robertson and extremists muslims are NOT what christianity and Islam are about.

None of these extremists represent the American value of religious tolerance....

Rep Elison is showing that he exemplifies true American values...unlike VA's Rep. Goode.

From a native Virginian who values the "American values" of Thomas Jefferson and our founders....


Triscula said...

Speaking of intolerance and extremism in America,
Google Video now has available the full version
of that documentary about fundamentalist
Christian indoctrination of youth in the
heartland, 'Jesus Camp'.
It's very good but disturbing as hell.

Terry said...

"General Grevious Dog," and SWACGirl are both absolutely pathetic. One site (I refuse to call them blogs) exist for the express purpose of attacking leftwing bloggers using poorly photoshopped images, and the other exist purely for an assault on the English language.