Saturday, November 11, 2006

Forced to swallow my whining teeth

For an election analysis with punch, Save Richmond’s own prize-winning pundit Don Harrison, fills the bill with his post -- “Beautiful Blue Dot.” For me, Harrison’s comments about Ross Mackenzie (depicted below) are the most entertaining. Here’s an excerpt:

“It is worth following the post-election coverage just to read the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Ross Mackenzie whine about Richmond’s blogging community (it seems that blogs “polarize the electorate and push it into niches too often sanctuaries of the mean”). You know which “mean” blogs he is referring to -- those that covered local politics far more consistently than the mainstream news organizations this go around. Coming from a man whose editorial sanctuary waged an election week propaganda assault against Jim Webb that was disgraceful even by its own previously rotten standards, this isn’t just normal whining. This is classic, priceless, I-was-just-forced-to-swallow-my-whining-teeth whining. This is Do-as-I-Say-Not-As-I’ve-Done-For-Decades whining. Admit it: Being schooled by Ross Mackenzie on the subject of “niceness” is not unlike having Paris Hilton lecture you on proper public decorum.”
Illustration by F.T. Rea


Alice said...

To be called polarizing by Ross MacKenzie is to be called ugly by a toad.

JPTERP said...

"The election results are devastating to the Congress, the Bush administration, and potentially to the nation. No two ways about it."

Well, actually there are a couple ways about it.

1. This congress may be able to reign in record deficit spending.
2. If we end up needing to go to war again, this congress is likely to make sure that our post invasion planning involves scenarios beyond--"they will be throwing flowers and kisses at our soldiers," and "it will be a self-funding reconstruction".
3. Torture will not be tolerated.
4. Eavesdropping on American citizens will not be tolerated without independent oversight from a. Congress, or b. the Judiciary.
5. One week will not be spent debating the Terri Schiavo case.
6. Congress has talked about working a 5 day week instead of a 3 day one. I'll be happy if they just improve to 4.
7. Congress will spend time with real oversight. This congress spent more time investigating Bill Clinton's Christmas List than they did non-bid contracts in Iraq (no joke).
8. We have the possibility of having a real debate on immigration, as opposed to the "great wall to the North and the South".

In short, the most likely scenario is that this congress will raise the incredibly low bar set by this inept and negligent Congress. There is more cause for optimism than despair.

Anonymous said...

The TRUE figures of this election will never be known....To use the infamous Corporate Media phrase, "SOME SAY" that the reason the Republicans did not fight the VA and MT Senate races was b/c they did not want their numerous dirty tricks which decrease the numbers of votes to be exposes.

There is truly a tidal wave in this country voting against these clowns.

So hopefully this Congress will also "clean up" the campaign process and maybe address campaign finaance reform.

Plus Media reform (on top of the already long list)...this Congress has a lot to do!!! I'm thinking they need to think about a 6 day work week for at least a year to make up some of the time that has been lost...but I'll settle for a five day work week.


Bert Holland said...

What an a**hole Mackenzie has been for so many years.

Remember a few years ago when he was all for Hanover voters passing school building while opposing Goochland's attempt at improving their pitiful educational facilities? Would'nt ya know, Mr. Mac lives on and pays property taxes on a big 'ol piece of land in GOOCHLAND!

He is one big reason that the RTD is going broke.

His newspaper is a fish wrapper.

Bert Holland

Elvez73 said...

Great post, what an absolute blowhard, pseudo-intellectual, right -wing hack Mackenzie is. When I first moved to Richmond in 2000, I couldn't believe his self important diatribes could get any worse, they have.