Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Death, or roo-roo in Iraq

Ted Rall takes a hard look at what is true about Iraq, and what might be inevitable about Iraq, in his piece, “Get Iraq’s Civil War Over With.” Rall apparently sees what to him looks like a “death, or roo-roo” scenario for the USA in Iraq.

Like it or not, Rall may be right this time. As recently as six months ago the idea of allowing Iraq to split into three confederated but separate countries may have been possible. Now that three-state-solution idea’s day may have passed, and sadly, it may prove to have been an opportunity lost. The grudges that are building up in Iraq over what is going on now between the Sunnis and Shiites may not be the sort that can ever be contained by any diplomatic solution.

Here’s an excerpt of the Rall piece:

“...The United States has two options in Iraq. First: It can pull out now, which will almost certainly lead to civil war along sectarian and tribal lines, and possibly to a wider regional conflict. Second: it can pull out later--and deal with the same exact consequences then.”

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Mosquito said... matter how "they try to spin it" the reality is no matter what we do there's civil war and carnage....

There might be a chance to limit the deaths if the US would work with all the neighboring countries including Iran and Syria...