Thursday, September 29, 2005

Public Squares

If you are curious about what went on at that Public Square meeting thrown down by the Richmond Times-Dispatch last night, which was devoted to discussions about the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation, then here are links to two perspectives.

Click here to read Will Jones' story in the T-D.

"Richard Serpa, a tuba player with the symphony, seized on comments made earlier by James E. Ukrop, chairman of the arts foundation. Ukrop said he got involved in the project when the Greater Richmond Convention Center was being expanded and business leaders were trying to figure out how to improve conditions along Broad."This isn't about arts. It's about downtown. . . "

Click on this link to read Don Harrison's account at Save Richmond.

"What we learn from the “Public Square”? Consultants are everywhere!

The first speaker at last night’s debut installment of the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s “Public Square” was a consultant… or something — he went on and on, waving around papers and claiming to have a whole lot of experience and expertise. For one thing, he told the crowd, he’d worked on the Sixth Street Marketplace. And, you know what, he still believes in that project! The gentleman reported that he had seen the city auditor’s report of the VAPAF and could find no problem with the foundation’s performance so far. He had no idea why the mayor was so concerned about this venture. Full steam ahead…"

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