Sunday, March 26, 2017

Truth: What It Is

Ted "The Kid" Williams
Cool has been a thread that has run through much of the art, music, writing and films that have seemed to reach out to me. Think what you will of me for that, but it's been consistent. Since I was a kid I've looked for the coolness embedded in styles. When I was 11 my favorite big-league baseball player, Ted Williams, looked the coolest swinging the bat.

After too many years of fashionable postmodernism, a half-century in which clever artifice and copycatism have been revered, now the coolest thing happening is the unvarnished truth.

With the truth under assault from hucksters and governmental authorities, alike, seeing through the fog of propaganda to capture the essence of small slivers of truth is a praiseworthy undertaking. Given the threat that currently looms over our nation's institutions, striving to present the nitpicking whole truth to the public – without false equivalencies, on the record – is a challenge for heroes.

Reality simply doesn't allow for the notion of "alternative facts" to be taken seriously. Ironically, if this country's largely distrusted fourth estate doesn't go all out to do some heroic heavy lifting -- to reveal the truth and save the USA from being sucked down the drain by Trumpism -- I don't know what other way there is to get the job done fast enough.

Truth: What it is.

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