Thursday, August 04, 2016

Trump's Way: Post Number 1

Note: This is the first episode of a series.

After Trump wins the election on Nov. 8, 2016, he will feel emboldened like nobody's business. Early on in his victory speech he will announce that Sarah Palin will be his Secretary of State.

"Day One, yes! on Day One! I'm going to send Sweet Sarah to Mexico with an offer," Trump will boast. "Believe me! An offer that whosoever is running that pitiful country can't refuse. Oh! Bet the effing farm on it. Mexico is going to pay for that wall."

During the thunderous applause that follows an obviously inebriated Donald Trump, Jr. will stumble and tumble off of the stage. Junior will hold up his glass to show he didn't spill its entire contents in the fall. More applause. Those assembled in the ballroom will then hear a speech that will bear little resemblance to any previous American president-elect's speech in such a setting.

Three days later Trump's squirming impatience with having to wait until next year -- Jan. 20th -- to move into the White House will boil over. Trump will go on Fox News to make an announcement. After thanking the voters for their trust, he'll tell viewers to mark their calendars, because they're watching the first episode of Trump's Way -- a live television program that he will host every day until he is sworn in.

Then Trump will cut to the chase: “President Obama should just pack his -- whatever -- and by the end of the month the White House should be vacated. Waiting over two pointless months is ridiculous. The voters have spoken. Three weeks is good ... out of politeness. Politeness is good, but political correctness is bad. Very bad.”

To be continued.

--- 30 --

-- Art and words by F.T. Rea

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