Thursday, July 10, 2014

Situational Conservatives

Remember when Republicans cried crocodile tears over sending the boy refugee, Elián González, back to Cuba? Seems like times have changed quite a bit with regard to deporting children. Now angry Republicans appear ready to instantly deport thousands of kids seeking exile back to scary countries.

Meanwhile, Republicans have demanded Obama go to the border. So, with the way the game is being played these days, Obama has refused. But I think he should announce that he wants to spend a couple of days touring the border in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. For each stop, the White House should invite the two senators from that state to join him. Democrats and Republicans. Throw in all the members of the House whose districts touch the border.

Then we’ll see who shows up.

Speaking of monumental hypocrisy, how many Republicans who have been ranting for years about passing laws to eliminate frivolous lawsuits are now onboard with Boehner’s bizarre lawsuit strategy against Obama?

One of the aspects of this unfolding story that hasn’t been covered yet is provoked by this question: Why would the Republicans want to do something that has almost no chance of working, but if it did, it would hobble future presidents in a way no president has ever faced?

Why would the GOP risk doing that to future Republican presidents?

The answer may be that some Republicans have accepted that with the way the population is changing, they aren’t likely to win the White House again for a long time. So they would be happy to diminish executive power in favor of strengthening the power of Congress.

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