Thursday, May 22, 2014

Morrissey on Shockoe Scheme: 'Mockery'

As we approach the tipping point for the baseball park issue, it seems more players want a piece of the credit for slaying Shockoe Stadium. Doug Wilder did his part. Yesterday Del. Manoli Loupassi weighed in.

Today, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Del. Joe Morrissey, is now threatening City Hall with legal action.  
[Morrissey] added that if council passes an ordinance “allowing the iconic slave history site in Shockoe Bottom to be adversely affected by an illegal no-bid process, then the firm of Morrissey & Goldman will sue in Richmond City Circuit Court to protect not only the African-American historic site but additionally, to block this illegal raid on taxpayer’s dollars by City Hall and City Council.” 

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Mayor Dwight Jones' push to build a stadium in Shockoe Bottom is running out of steam. 

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