Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Tea Party Nullifiers

Virginia’s Gov. J. Lindsay Almond on TIME's Sept. 28, 1958 cover

A partial shutdown of government, because you disagree with its policies, well, that's something we Virginians know about. Some might even say it's part of our Virginia "heritage." Look away...

With Massive Resistance as their slogan, in 1959 Prince Edward County’s elected leaders closed the public schools in their county by defunding them. That, rather than comply with the law of the land and integrate them. Private schools for white children popped up like mushrooms, while the county‘s public schools stayed closed until 1964, when the federal government finally compelled the county to change its ways.

Today’s Tea Party Republicans are walking in the footsteps of the Massive Resisters. Like their counterparts half a century ago, they flaunt their contempt for the federal government and want to nullify any of its laws they don’t like.

Moreover, they see hating America’s first black president as one of their strengths.

Look away. Look away...

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