Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Bijou Backlight

Here's the copy for a press release about a new project. I began sending it out to the Richmond-area media today. Please feel free to share this notice. It might interest your friends who are film buffs. 
Date: September 3, 2013
To: All media for immediate release
Re: The Bijou Backlight

With Labor Day in the rear-view mirror the Bijou Backlight, a blogzine based in Richmond, VA., is a month old.

The Bijou Backlight is devoted to the appreciation of film in all of its forms. Lovers of movies, old and new, constitute its growing readership. Beyond its focus on movies, old and new, the Bijou Backlight exists to help develop and promote the Bijou, a small movie theater on its way from being a fond dream to becoming a bona fide work-in-progress.

  • To see the Bijou Backlight go here.
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The Bijou Backlight offers its readers a variety of film-centric articles, columns and blurbs to mull over. Occasionally it serves up an opportunity to take in some of the films mentioned. And, it is in the process of telling the story of building a film center. Once it opens its doors the Bijou Film Center will have three revenue-generating aspects of its operation in Richmond’s Arts District. They will be:
  • A single screen with an auditorium seating some 100 to 130 patrons. The cinema will be called the Bijou.
  • A small cafĂ© under the same roof that will seat about 30 to 40 people. It will be called the Sidebar.
  • A companion business devoted to preserving small format films/converting them to digital. It will cater to collectors holding boxes of old Super 8 reels, etc. This desk will also establish ties to all-things-film in Richmond, including the study of, the exhibition of, and the production of moving pictures. 
However, the goal of the Bijou Film Center project is not to start small in hopes of launching a profitable chain of movie houses. Instead, the plan is to become a viable nonprofit venture with an artsy “little cinema” at the heart of it. The operation of the Bijou Film Center promises to be a labor of film-lovers.


  • Publisher: James Parrish (jtparrish@bijoufilmcenter.org)
  • Editor: F.T. Rea (ftrea@bijoufilmcenter.org)
For background information on them go here.
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