Thursday, August 22, 2013

The worst part of the GOP's scandal problem?

When the snowballing Uncle Jonnie’s Rolex scandal or Gov. Bob McDonnell’s disapproval rating are mentioned, about all any Republican spokesperson in Virginia can manage to say is: Yes, tsk-tsk, all the politicians accept gifts/money under the table.

The pathetic all-the-kids-are-doing-it excuse? That's all they seem to have.

Just as too many Republicans appear to be blind to the truth that both the Tea Party's and Ken Cuccinelli's popularity are shriveling steadily, in 2013 they can’t even bring themselves to say: Yes, the McDonnells are a stunningly tacky couple.

And, maybe the worst part of this year's scandal problem for Virginia Republicans is that for Gov. McDonnell to step down it would automatically upgrade Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling -- the same guy the Cooch stabbed in the back -- which would do the statewide Republican ticket no good whatsoever. 

Should the governor go away? Or should he serve out his term?

As far as November 5th goes, it probably doesn't matter.

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