Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who'll give the Cooch a hand?

Virginia’s still-sitting attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, has been using a ten-foot-pole to push away from some of his own more Tea Party-esque/extremist positions in the past. That’s not unusual. Candidates, both Republican and Democratic, tend to try to move to the center for a general election.

Then the Cooch got a “gift” from the GOP convention held in Richmond in May. It nominated Rev. E.W. Jackson to run as No.2 (Lt. Gov.) on the ticket with Cuccinelli. Jackson has said enough wa-ay crazy things to almost make Cuccinelli seem run-of-the-mill by comparison.

So out came another ten-foot-pole; Cuccinelli announced he will not be defending any of Jackson's statements or positions. Picture the busy-as-a-beaver Cooch with a pole in each hand push, push, pushing away.

Speaking of gifts, now comes the embarrassing list of gifts, loans, etc., Gov. Bob McDonnell has received from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams.

Oy vey.

As he must, Cuccinelli is now trying to distance himself from the still-sitting governor. Which might not be so easy, since the sitting AG has also been linked to the snowballing "Giftgate" scandal.

While the Republican Party may have a garage full of sturdy ten-foot-poles, it seems the beleaguered Cooch may need to grow a third hand.

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