Friday, March 15, 2013

VCU’s 10 Basketball Coaches

Sonny Smith VCU's head coach 1989-98
Since 1968 none of VCU’s head coaches have left the job having accumulated a losing record. The highest winning percentage of any of the 10 coaches is currently held by Shaka Smart, who is still in his fourth year. It’s an eye-popping .755. Sonny Smith had the lowest winning percentage with a .517. However, Smith still holds the record for the most overall victories with 136.

Coach (number of seasons) wins-losses
Benny Dees (two) 25-21
Chuck Noe (six) 95-42
Dana Kirk (three) 57-23
J.D. Barnett (six) 132-48
Mike Polio (four) 65-57
Sonny Smith (nine) 136-127
Mack McCarthy (four) 66-55
Jeff Capel (four) 79-41
Anthony Grant (three) 76-25
Shaka Smart (work in progress) 108-35

Until Shaka Smart came along, it was easy to say J.D. Barnett has been the Rams most successful VCU coach. With the Rams playing in the Sun Belt Conference Barnett took VCU to five NCAA tournaments in the 1980s; his overall record at the Big Dance was 4-5. With this season’s story still being written Smart has taken VCU to two NCAAs in three seasons; his all-time record stands at 6-2 … and counting.

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