Thursday, July 19, 2012

Replace Romney on the ticket?

If Mitt Romney continues to stonewall his Bain Capital/tax returns problem, it isn’t going to go away. No amount of distraction will do that for him. The speculation about what in the world he is hiding already has a life of its own. The nation's comedians are just getting started mocking Romney about this issue.

Today Romney’s dilemma made me think of Thomas Eagleton, a Senator from Missouri who emerged from the 1972 Democratic convention as then-Sen. George McGovern’s running mate. A couple of weeks later Eagleton was removed from the ticket, because it came out he had received shock therapy treatments for depression. The ever-cheerful Sargent Shriver replaced him.

Now, perhaps it could be argued that the GOP’s presumptive nominee -- like Eagleton -- withheld campaign-killing info … and that’s he’s crazy as a loon to think he can get away with it. Might some Republicans be thinking of throwing Mitt to the wolves?       

Hey, unless he's crazy, I don't see how Romney can believe he can stand on his record as a businessman at Bain -- as his main qualification to be president -- and then refuse to allow the public to see the most pertinent information from his stint in that capacity.

Wouldn't that be like applying for a job as a cab driver, but refusing to let anyone look at your driving record?

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Terry Harrison said...

Romney in Europe made it final for me. Replace Romney at the GOP convention (