Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jesus on capitalism

The concept that we must harness greed in order to drive our economy toward never ending expansion seems integral to the conservative philosophy today. Modern Republicans (Tea Party activists) seem to think the more we inflame greed the better off our society will be. Hating all taxes is good. Funding public schools is bad.

When greed runs roughshod over the commonweal and the true believing conservatives hear the outcry from those who object to such brutality, they put down their Bibles and say words to this effect:

“Hey, that’s capitalism and America was founded on undiluted Christianity and unfettered capitalism."

Which is understandable, after all, wasn’t it Jesus who said something like, "Always look out for the rich guys first?”

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F.T. Rea said...

In the eight years this blog has existed four obnoxious people have been banned from commenting here. One of them posted a comment here this morning. It was removed.