Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dead bin Laden photos? No thanks

Photos of dead Osama bin Laden looking like dead Bugsy Siegel? No, thank you. While I have no problem whatsoever with mocking bin Laden, I do not want to see pictures of him dead. It will prove nothing.

Showing such images will hardly quiet the conspiracy theory crazies. No evidence will silent them. Hey, in addition to not wanting to see gory photographs, I’d rather not see bin Laden’s body dragged up and down Pennsylvania Avenue behind an old Chevy station wagon. No head on a pole, either, etc.

Burial at sea was perfect. No disrespect. No shrine. Kaput. I can’t imagine a better way to do away with the remains of such a lowlife.

In the long run, Osama bin Laden was a mean rich kid, who saw killing people as an amusement. His most notable distinction was that he was a mass murderer. He was no better than Charles Manson or Timothy McVeigh. Bin Laden got exactly what was coming to him -- justice. No more. No less.

Don't expect to see me dancing in the street in celebration of bin Laden's death. Not my style. But I'm not scolding those who did. Understandably, it was mostly young people who took to the street upon hearing the news. As kids, they had been brought up steeped in orange alerts. They had been told over and over during the years just after 9/11 that bin Laden was worse than Hitler. More scary and evil than anybody in history.

So, they celebrated. Fine. Me? I cracked open a cold can of PBR.

Here's another angle to the unfolding story of the raid that finished bin Laden off to consider: Smart commentators and officials aren't saying a whole lot about the operation, as the details pour in. Every hour, it seems, there are new revelations that correct details presented in the previous hour.

So for a while we had bin Laden armed and using a woman as a human shield. Now it's said neither of those temporary facts were really true. I won't be surprised if it changes again. Let's all take a breath and allow the evidence and reports to be studied.

Yes, some people demand instant analysis. And, some will try to spin that instant analysis into a quick and dirty political advantage. So what!

Thus, OpEds calling for President Barrack Obama to apologize to CIA torturers are premature, at best. We will hear much more about how bin Laden was found and killed in due time. And, for that matter, who thinks we will hear everything, or ought to hear EVERYTHING about the hows and whys?

Getting pissed off and saying Pakistan had to know bin Laden was hiding in plain sight in a castle/bunker is useless. Which aspects of the chaotic/fractured entity that is Pakistan knew what? The national government? The army? The police? Tribal leaders? Bin Laden's neighbors?

Of course, somebody in Pakistan knew something. Obviously, the right somebodies in Pakistan were looking the other way when those helicopters flew in. So, when we hear that "Pakistan" wasn't let in on the caper, well...

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Oz said...

To all those who demand 'Show us the photos of Bin Laden's corpse, America can handle it', I say 'Show us even ONE photo of a plane hitting or about to hit the Pentagon, America can handle it'.