Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tacky Spirits Defy the Cold

Barry "Mad Dog" Gottlieb and Frank Hudak celebrating the 25th Tacky Lights Tour. Hudak's house at 2300 Wistar Court has been on the tour, originated by Gottlieb, from the start.

Last week delivered an unexpected treat for me. So, I wrote about it for
The assembled bus full of kitsch lovers applauded and off we went to look at zillions of twinkling lights and other illuminated Christmas decorations. By the way, on this Winn Transportation tour almost anything might be considered a Christmas decoration if it's lit up enough.

The bright idea began with Mike Garrett suggesting to his friend at Winn, Mark Pounders, that Gottlieb ought to be on hand to kickoff the 25th year of the tours. As Gottlieb has lived in San Francisco since 1998, Winn had him flown in for the occasion.
Click here to read "Tacky Lights at 25."

Click here to see Mayor Dwight Jones' Tacky Lights proclamation.

-- Photo by Mark Pounders

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