Thursday, July 01, 2010

Beer and bullets

Well, here it is July 1. Now we know that the month that just ended was the warmest June on record in Richmond, according to today's RT-D. Remember those folks in February who saw snow on the ground as proof that global warming was a hoax? Didn't hear much from them during June.

No, they were probably busy as little beavers criticizing President Obama for being too hard on BP.

July 1 also means a bunch of new laws will start being enforced. Easily the most controversial is the statewide law to do with toting guns in saloons. Now, in Virginia, adults must carry handguns when they enter restaurants, if they want to consume alcohol. Note: It's now OK to carry a concealed weapon inside a church, too, be it's not yet required.

However, starting today, if the person tending bar or waiting on your table asks to see your handgun you must produce it, just as you have to show an ID.

Still, the vice president of Virginians for Gunfights, Phineas T. Bluster, decried the failure of the General Assembly to require handguns in churches. "Mother of pearl! Nobody is safe on a dad-burned slippery slope."

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