Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You are very STYLE Weekly if...

STYLE Weekly has been around since 1982. In 1985 the weekly tabloid began running an annual feature called "You Are Very Richmond if...". Readers sent in blubs, hoping one of their submissions would be picked as a winner and appear in the magazine. Then, after some time, the feature was discontinued.

This year the editors at STYLE dusted the concept off and last week the contest winners for 2010 were revealed.

Like it used to, the Very Richmond contest brought in all sorts of boosterism and wisecrackery. The winner was Mark Schairbaum for his -- "Your favorite monument is Arthur Ashe because it proves Richmond isn’t racist." I'm not sure which of those two categories that one falls into but I suppose there's a kernel of truth in it.

My favorite Very Richmond quip this time might have been Jay Bohannan's -- "You live in Chesterfield County".

Now I'd like to run a similar feature of my own here at SLANTblog. Please put your blurbs in the comments section under this post.

Here's the deal. Your comment should respond to this: "You are very STYLE Weekly if..."

This long overdue gimmick gives readers the chance to characterize STYLE's own style, such as it has been.

Note: If your comment is too extreme on syrupy sweetness, meanness, or vulgarity, I may delete it, unless it's so funny I have to let it go. Sorry, no prizes. But isn't making up a good blurb that gets published its own reward?


Leo said...

instead of history or economics, you majored in zeitgeist quantification.

F.T. Rea said...

Leo, when I was writing this post I toyed with crafting an example. Like you, I wanted to play with the zeitgeist thing. But I couldn't think of an angle, so I let it go.


A. Bostonian said...

if you think your opinion page is fair and balanced because it covers Democrats AND moderates.