Thursday, March 04, 2010

February Frisbee-golf

Yes, we play Frisbee-golf (disc golf) all year round. This winter has presented more of a challenge than we've been accustomed to overcoming in Richmond. The video shows members of the 34-year-old Greater Richmond Frisbee-Golf Association negotiating the Back Nine at the Carillon.


bdukes480 said...

Man I love playing frisbee golf! I was talking with a friend I go paint balling with in the winter to see if he would like to try to hit the links with me. He wouldn't do it. I'm glad you made this little short film about it though. This might be the motivational push in the right direction for him next year. I love sporting in the winter....I'm glad I found others who do to! Last year a buddy and I went canoeing during some pretty cold and icy times. We both loved it. We plan on doing it again too!

Anonymous said...

Terry: That was great. I am ALMOST sorry I missed it. Florida was "cold" this year during February but it didn't hold a candle to Virginia.

Anonymous said...

Ozzy liked it. Nice job!