Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Move over Sarah Palin

What's the chance that Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts will cost Tim Kaine his position as Chairman of the Democratic Party? Doesn't it look like a bunch of people who report to him were asleep at the switch?

It says here that accepting that job was one of Kaine's biggest mistakes. It hurt him in Virginia. It hurt Creigh Deeds. Now it seems Kaine has presided over a humiliating defeat for the Democrats that will not fade away quickly.

Of course most of the blame should be heaped onto the candidate, Martha Coakley, and the Democrats in her state. But don't be surprised if the bitterness splatters outside that state. Democrats will be hard pressed to knock down the idea that Brown's win wasn't/isn't part of a burgeoning national trend.

So here he is: Senator-elect Scott Brown, the GOP's newest fresh face -- move over Sarah Palin -- he's the man who will soon be the front-runner to win that party's presidential nomination in 2012.

In politics, it's always the unexpected that happens when you least expect it, except for when it doesn't.


DEO said...

HMMM, keen observation....

I guess I will throw away my banners for SARAH PALIN/FABIO 2012.

jason said...

no, wait ...I still want one of them.