Friday, November 13, 2009

What's wrong with justice in Manhattan?

Other than the fact that the Bush administration chose not to prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed -- the supposed mastermind of 9/11 -- in a courtroom in New York, what is wrong with it?

Yes, I understand that many Republicans automatically backed whatever the previous president did during his time in the White House, but now he's gone. So, at this point, is it just a matter of automatically opposing whatever the Obama administration does? Or,
in this case are there actually good reasons to object to seeking justice in a federal courtroom?
“I am really disgusted by it,” [Rep. Peter] King told POLITICO Friday morning. “To me, it’s truly an insult to the memory of those killed on 9/11.”
Disgusted? Insult?

Do Republicans still believe in justice? Or, has fear and payback politics trumped all other concerns?

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Scott said...

Of course terrorists should stand trial in Manhattan.

But if we really want justice, let's do what the Green Party suggested 8 years ago- end the Afghan and Iraq occupations and send in undercover plice to ferret out Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist criminals.

And, let's put Bush and Blair on trial also-