Thursday, August 06, 2009

Five favorite cult films

Cult movies is a fun category. It allows for kitsch to be cool. Bad can be good if its offbeat enough, but not too much.

For my cult films list of five the films have to have been around for a while to have cult status, as there's no such thing as an instant cult movie. This list, as have all of them in this series of five faves, is limited to feature-length pictures. So, two short films I love -- "La Jetée" (1962) and “Un Chien Andalou” (1929) -- have to wait for another day’s list.

Any of the five on my list below would have made good Midnight Show material at a repertory cinema ... near a university:

“Brazil” (1985): Directed by Terry Gilliam; Cast: Robert De Niro, Jonathan Pryce, Ian Holm
“Eraserhead” (1977): Directed by David Lynch; Cast: Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart, Allen Joseph
“Paris, Texas” (1984): Directed by Wim Wenders; Cast: Harry Dean Stanton, Dean Stockwell, Nastassja Kinski
“Performance” (1970): Directed by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg; Cast: James Fox, Mick Jagger, Anita Pallenberg
“Putney Swope” (1969): Directed by Robert Downey Sr.; Cast: Stan Gottlieb, Allen Garfield, Archie Russell

If the reader wonders why “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” isn’t on my list ... well, maybe I just saw it too many times in my theater manager days at the Biograph. In truth, after a couple of years of that goldmine of a Midnight Show, it wasn’t all that popular with the staff. The rice, and the toast, and the hot dogs ... it got old. It played for five straight years!


tbsamsel said...

My wife's cousin went to the VCU Ad/Brand Center a few years back and I kept telling him that they should make the viewing of PUTNEY SWOPE mandatory.

"The Borman Six girl has got to have soul!"

Anonymous said...

"El Topo" (1970), Directed by Alejandro Jodorosky;
"Greaser's Palace" (1972), Directed by Robert Downey Sr.;
"Phantom of the Paradise" (1974), Directed by Brian de Palma;
"After Hours" (1985), Directed by Martin Scorsese;
"Office Space" (1999), Directed by Mike Judge

Ernie Brooks