Tuesday, May 05, 2009

100th Day noise

President Barack “No Drama” Obama passed the 100th Day signpost without breaking stride. Coming toward the 100th Day, the media tried their best to make a compelling story out of grading Obama’s overall performance on the job.
It gave the political news broadcasters yet another opportunity to prop up trash-talking spokespersons from the fringe, as if such opportunists represented widely-held views, or knew the inside story. It gave the political bloggers yet another opportunity to play rate-a-record, too. For many bloggers assigning a grade to anything is as good as it gets.

Since a lot of Republicans are sounding more “fringe” every day, it did them no good to take the bait and trot out their warmed-over, pre-2006 talking points, AGAIN.

The smartest Democrats said little to feed the story; instead, they went to a bar to celebrate the soon-to-be 60th donkey in the U.S. Senate.

Now that’s a round number that will matter.

President Obama smiled and waved, as he ran by the 100th day noise; same easy stride. In the last year-and-a-half, his much-demonstrated ability to keep on keeping on has to merit an A-plus.

And, “noise” it was, because it amounted to a cacophony of conflicting, agenda-driven flapdoodle.

Even those who disagree with Obama's policies have to admit this guy has been unflappable. Of course, for those fringe hard-heads who hate seeing most people in the world liking the president of the USA -- because they see that as a weakness -- well, perhaps Obama's smooth style will never do.

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