Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Christian president? Atheist president?

Rebus wonders:

In the long run, wouldn't it be safer for us to have an atheist president with his finger on the button -- nuclear oblivion! -- than a Christian president who truly believes in afterlife? Wouldn't an atheist care more about the life we are living now on Earth?

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Anonymous said...

Yes - and Amen to that. Could an atheist ever be elected as president in this country? I would hope so but doubt it. I have nothing against a president with "faith in God" but I also like the idea of a president who is grounded on this earth and committed to this life. In my experience, atheists are very kind, rational and reasonable human beings (and also tend to be non-judgemental). Mostly, as someone who hails from a country where religion is not worn on one's sleeve, I can't understand why someone's religion, or lack thereof, should even be a consideration when it comes to choosing who governs our country.
Peace on earth and goodwill to all men - that's all I need to hear.