Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Handicapping the mayoral race, updated

Now there are five mayoral candidates. The City Registrar knocked two off the ballot with that office's scrutiny of the petitions with voters' signatures that were filed by the candidates.

What's that about?

There is a list of reasons that a particular signature can be disqualified, which means candidates are always advised to turn in a stack of petitions with at least double the minimum number required by statue. So, if you need 50 from each district, you better get 100.

This week's update on the handicapping game has the five would-be Richmond mayors ranked accordingly, based on what I think is the likelihood of them winning:

SLANTblog’s Five

1. Grey
2. Jones
3. Pantele
4. Goldman
5. Williams

Update: Astute observer of matters political John Sarvay at Buttermilk & Molasses has his take on the current pecking order posted: Jones; Grey; Goldman; Pantele; Williams.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has an online poll underway. Click here to participate. As of noon on Wednesday, with 637 votes in, here is how it looks: Grey 32%; Pantele 28%; Jones 22%; Goldman 13%; Williams 3%.

Hey! Who do you think is ahead now? Why not publish your own view of the mayoral race? It's free.

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