Friday, May 02, 2008

Show Dogs' CD release party at Shenanigans

The following message just came in from one of SLANTblog's favorite bands, Billy Ray Hatley and the Show Dogs:
Join us if you can this Saturday night, 5/3, at Shenanigans to celebrate the release of "Cryin' Shame", our 3rd CD.

The disk features 13 ready-made hits penned by Billy Ray Hatley, as he again reports on the agony and ecstasy of being a human. This time around, the Show Dogs enlisted the mighty talents of local legends and dear friends Chris Fuller (on mandolin), Jim Skelding (on fiddle), Charles Arthur (on a bunch of things with strings and on 1970's Pro Wrestling trivia), and our producer and master musician Velpo Robertson. A tip of the hat also goes to Bruce Olsen, for his expert engineering, advice and hospitality. Well done, boys!

We hope you'll give "Cryin' Shame" a listen. A few folks have told us it's our best yet. We're not sure about that, but we are proud of the CD and believe that you'll gladly make room for it in your 5-disk changer. If you can't make it to Shenanigans Saturday night, we hope you'll pick it up at Plan 9 or at another Showdogs gig in the near future. It'll also be available online through CD Baby and other outlets.

If you're all tech-savvy and stuff, you can even buy individual songs from "Cryin' Shame" on itunes... if you really want to be responsible for subverting the statement of an artist that is joyfully creating a work of art with a thematic and coherent vision in which the whole is far more emotionally rewarding than the sum of its individual pieces ever could be. Not that I'm biased or anything. Just gimme back my vinyl, and I'll be OK.

Thanks for your support!

-- h/t to Jim Wark

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