Wednesday, October 10, 2007

'Loophole' demonstration planned for gun show

This notice has come in from June Hazlehurst of the Million Mom March United with the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence:
In August, the Virginia Tech Review Panel completed its work and released a report with important recommendations to prevent such a terrible tragedy from happening again. One of the key recommendations of the panel was that Virginia should require background checks for ALL firearm sales, including those at gun shows. As you are probably aware, unlicensed private sellers can currently sell guns at these events without conducting background checks on purchasers. No questions asked.

You would think that the Virginia legislature would rush to adopt this common sense proposal, but the gun lobby is very active and will fight us every inch of the way. We need to tell our legislators that we expect them to close the Gun Show Loophole to protect us all.

There will be a gun show at the Showplace on October 20 and we plan to have at least 32 people who will stage a “Lie-In” for just a few minutes. These few minutes will signify the short time it took the Tech gunman to buy his weapon. We will be coordinating with the Police to ensure a quick, safe and effective event.

This is an opportunity to do something. I am inviting you to join us in a peaceful, brief protest to call for the closing of the Loophole. Here are the details:

What: A peaceful demonstration calling for the closing of the Gun Show Loophole
When: At 12 noon on Saturday, October 20, 2007
Where: The Showplace, 3000 Mechanicsville Turnpike

During the event we will be wearing black as well as ribbons with the Virginia Tech colors. There have been other similar peaceful protests and we need to do our part in Richmond.

Please join us. Send me an e-mail, and say you will give up one hour of your day. Please forward this to your family and friends.


Anonymous said...

Personal defense is a basic human right, of which the VT 32 were denied.

Jack Landers said...

Your attempt to link this with the Va Tech shooter is shameful and totally disingenuous. Cho did have a background check when he bought his weapons. You are using dead students as part of a political stunt. Dead students whose deaths had nothing to do with the 'loophole.' You should hang your head in shame and apologize to the Va Tech community.

If anything, your silly stunt will have the effect of alienating informed people who know perfectly well that Cho's crimes had nothing to do with either gun shows or lack of background checks.

In fact, I hadn't know that there was a gun show going on that week but since you mention it, I'm going to try to make it out there and buy myself a new gun on general principle.

The whole premise of preventing people from arranging private sales of firearms at gun shows reminds me of Bush's free speech zones. 'Sure, you have this legal right. We just won't let you actually exercise it someplace where it's actually useful.'

F.T. Rea said...

Jack Landers,

Cool off. The Million Mom March is not your enemy. The Moms are just presenting their case.

Your purple hype, "shameful" and "disingenuous," falls flat here.

At least, now we know who's using what, in a rather cynical way, don't we?