Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Art happening Sunday afternoon in the park

From 2:30 until 5 p.m. on Sun., Sept. 23, a rather unusual art happening will unfold in Byrd Park behind the Carillon around the Ha’Penny stage. Artists who trust their urge to take advantage of this opportunity are going to take some of their work out to the park to show it, and to offer it for sale.

Anyone who thinks this sounds like fun is welcome to join in. The stage (just behind the Carillon on the right, as you face it) offers plenty of display area. For would-be participating artists to note -- no one will take a percentage of what is sold; there is no charge to participate. Maybe you'll sell some work!

Folks are also going to be picnicking at the numerous tables in that same area. Some will be bringing musical instruments (no electricity). All are welcome to come to the park and have a good time playing/listening to music. Bring your sense of humor, your coolers, and whatever else you think you ought to have with you to have fun.

This experiment/project started with me pondering where to meet some friends to show them some of my recent art work, hoping to sell some of it. Then, last Sunday, it hit me while I was playing Frisbee-golf -- as I do every Sunday morning -- those same grounds would make a perfect setting for a little outdoor get-together. Since then the original idea has snowballed nicely.

Now nobody knows what will happen. How big will the crowd be for this short-notice, guerrilla version of arts in the park? Who knows? We'll see.

Stay tuned -- I’ll post more on the event later in the week. For more info email me (Terry Rea) at or call (804) 359-4864.

The piece shown above, "NRBQ at High on the Hog 11," will be on sale

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