Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Terrorists bogged down in Iraq?

Four-and-a-half years into the American occupation of Iraq, President George Bush is still asserting the absurd notion that America must fight al Qaida’s forces in Iraq, to keep from having to fight them here. At this point, who in their right mind is buying such a concept?

To me, the people who say they believe Bush’s contention that we have al Qaida bogged down in Iraq, instead of it being the other way around, fall into two basic categories: They are simply partisans who don’t question anything from a Republican president for which they voted, or they say it knowing it‘s not true ... they just say it anyway.

To believe Bush you’d have to see al Qaida as a top-down organization, like a corporation, that has foolishly decided to put all of its resources in Iraq to fight the USA to the finish. So, the bosses just don’t have any hijackers to spare, right now, to steal an airliner, or a crop-duster, etc. Osama bin Laden has been stretched so thin, he’s had to recall his loyal sleeper-cell personnel from all over the world, to put them into Iraq.

This, we have been told, is the chief reason there haven’t been any more devastating 9/11-style attacks in the USA on Bush’s watch.

What a crock!

And, of course, to believe Bush you’d also have to ignore the fact that most of the bloodshed in Iraq appears to involve various indigenous sects/gangs who are engaged in a civil war/turf war, because since 2003’s invasion there has been no central government with the will, or the capability of putting a stop to the mayhem.

So, any of these factions might want to shoot at an American soldier, or blow up an American military vehicle, when the mood strikes them. And, so it goes...

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