Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Webb on PBS

Sen. Jim Webb’s refreshing/sharp comments on PBS, responding to President George Bush’s boilerplate, same-’ol, same-’ol speech on staying-the-folly in Iraq, were just what I’ve hoped to one day hear from a Virginia senator. It felt so satisfying ...

Thanks, Jim.


Eoghann said...

It was anything but refreshing and sharp. It was totally predictable. Good to see he's toeing the party line. Hang in there Jim, only 6 more years of being told what to do!

F.T. Rea said...


Perhaps you didn't have the sound turned up loud enough to hear what Webb said. Perhaps you didn't even watch, either. After all, it was on PBS.

If you had you would know Webb's comments weren't all that much like what other Democrats have been saying. If you want to pretend someone is programming Webb, that's your game. Have at it.