Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blog Tricks and Clock Ticks

Daily Kos busts the Kilgore camp on its semi-tricky blogging strategy:

"When we saw this blog post asserting that VA Gov. Mark Warner was finished campaigning for candidate Tim Kaine, we did not make too much of it. After all Warner was just on the campaign trail with Kaine in NoVA on Monday and the two are slated to join forces again tomorrow in SW VA. But when some GOP officials started circulating the post to the media, we thought we'd check it out. 'Nothing could be further from the truth,' says Warner political adviser Mame Reiley."

"...This is the tactic the GOP developed in the South Dakota senate race last year -- leak damaging information, irrespective of the truth, onto blogs."

The clock is ticking down to election day and the race is too close to call. When will the Republicans start planting stories about Kaine having a black illegitimate child stashed somewhere? Click here to read the rest of the analysis by Kos.

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