Friday, August 19, 2005

Ignoring the Heat

Columnist Richard Reeves weighs in on the effect of August's humidity and off-season politics:

"'I know what they want to say,' [President Bush] says, and he is quite right. We want to say that he is repeating 19th-century British imperial history, and that he had better figure a way to get our troops out of Iraq before we don't have any real troops left.

"By 'real troops,' I mean highly trained young men and women, not prison guards and volunteer firemen in their 40s. Bush is in the process of destroying the American military. I wanted to cry for the beloved country when all those Marines were killed two weeks ago traveling across the desert in a lightly armored amphibious troop carrier. Why are Marines, trained as assault troops, being used as an occupying army and military police?"

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