Monday, September 08, 2003

"... His hair was perfect."

Iconoclastic singer/songwriter Warren Zevon died on Sunday (Sept. 7). He was 56 years old. Click here for MSNBC’s obituary.

On Aug. 30 NPR did an excellent piece on Zevon’s recently released album, “The Wind.” Fans of the old excitable boy should click on this link that takes them to the NPR site. Once there click on “Listen to Weekend Edition - Saturday audio” to hear Scott Simon’s interview with Warren’s son, Jordan Zevon, who helped to produce his father’s last project.

The days slide by
Should have done, should have done, we all sigh
Never thought I'd ever be so lonely
After such a long, long time
Time out of mind

-- from "Accidentally Like a Martyr" (1978) by Warren Zevon

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