Saturday, August 23, 2003

Searching for Needles of Truth in Haystacks of Sham

Which is the Bush administration more interested in -- finding out how 9/11 was accomplished by its perpetrators and allowed for by our government, or in covering its own ass?

Gail Sheehy writes: “…So afraid is the Bush administration of what could be revealed by inquiries into its failures to protect Americans from terrorist attack, it is unabashedly using Kremlin tactics to muzzle members of Congress and thwart the current federal commission investigating the failures of Sept. 11.”

That excerpt is from Sheehy’s eye-opening account of the efforts of four dauntless 9/11 widows to find the truth, the whole truth, about what killed their husbands. The story of the complex shell game that is being used to deny those women the facts, and thus keep us all in the dark, is both bewildering and chilling. Read it in the New York Observer.

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